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Passionate and authoritative, Stereophile celebrates the finest in music and music reproduction. Stereophile is the place for meticulous analysis, careful listening, vigorous writing, and spirited debate in the service of acoustic ecstasy. From two channels to 7.1 channels and beyond, from LPs and CDs to SACD and DVD-A, from MP3 to networked audio, Stereophile has it covered.

Each issue opens with an "As We See It" editorial and continues with letters, columns, special features and reviews of both equipment and music.

Editor: Jim Austin

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Sound & Vision

Once the lights go down and the movie starts, the engagement and emotion created by a home theater is universal: it knows no minimum screen size, no required number of speakers, no optimal budget which must be spent.

Sound & Vision magazine spreads the gospel of that home theater experience and gives everyone—from the everyday shopper to the hardcore enthusiast—the information and tools they need to put those pieces in place to their own satisfaction, get them working at their best, and press Play.

Editor: Mark Henninger

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